Lisa Bloom leads a distinguished list of Hollywood superstar women at Film Con Hollywood 2018, scheduled for March 24, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

The high-profile, high-wattage Bloom has made a career of championing women’s rights and civil rights in the public arena, giving a voice to the voiceless, along with her illustrious mother Gloria Allred (whose life story “Seeing Allred” is currently featuring on Netflix) having for more than a generation formed the advanced guard of women’s and minorities rights movements, having chipped away at the brick wall of misogyny and latent violence and system discrimination until the faulty and flawed system came crashing down last year with the birth of #metoo and #timesup movements. 

Bloom, a praised and popular TV star in her own right, starring on her own national live daily talk show on Court TV for eight years, regularly appears on CNN, ABC, MSNBC and many other television and radio shows as the foremost expert on high profile civil rights and women’s rights matters, will kick off the inaugural convention and film and media event dedicated to guiding young people interested in film and TV careers by offering actionable information in the DIY, tech driven New Hollywood defined by access and radical social and technological progress that has disrupted and broken monopolies once seen as untouchable.

“This is not the Hollywood of ten years ago, or even five”, said Film Con Hollywood 2018 co-founder and TV film producer Krishen Rangi. “Technological progress, specifically the entry of Amazon and Netflix as buyers, distributors and overall financial forces, have totally altered how the Hollywood game is played. The reality is that the tsunami of disruption is still shaking things up, and of course disruption means massive opportunity across the board, especially for young people coming in hungry and ambitious, with no expectations. At Film Con Hollywood the two biggest things we want to get across to young people are that they have at least as good a chance as anyone, since technology that is driving everything is only going to get more pronounced, and the second thing being that it’s all about who you know”, said Rangi, who has produced five TV films in the past three years.

“Networking, how to identify and approach the right people, getting a shot to work, and running with it, is probably the most important skill you need to acquire. It goes without saying that excellence is always the goal, but in a volume-heavy content environment, with things changing daily, new money coming in, new platforms needing new forms of content, it’s impossible to say what will carry the day and become popular.

Bottom line is you’ve got to know the game and play the game, and of course, finally, thanks to Lisa and her mom, relentlessly exercise your rights.”

One of the most anticipated speakers, on the Women/Diversity panel will be Ramaa Mosely, a critically acclaimed filmmaker and activist who has directed feature films, hundreds of of award winning commercials, and recently getting named one of Shoot Magazine’s top 10 Female Directors. She is also the founder of Adolescent Content, a Los Angeles incubator dedicated to mentoring and guiding young filmmakers and videographers from around the country who have demonstrated precocious talent.

In addition to matching them with opportunities and putting them in positions to succeed, they are adolescent advocates for having young people create commercial spots and interactive electronic spots for major global brands whose products are aimed at audiences of matching age and mindset. “It’s not really revolutionary thinking, you’d probably think it’s common sense for brands who want to sell to a certain demo to have people who think that way organically doing their creatives and ads.”

Perhaps the quantum leaps in accessible technology are best exemplified by iPhones and Galaxy smartphones, not only the 4K cameras and studio quality lens, but the amazing accessories that can be attached to making filming even more movie-camera like. “There’s no reason for anyone working in Hollywood not to be creating content. Everyone should know how to film and edit. Not only is it the most effective form of engagement online by far, it gives you an understanding and framework of what the business is. You owe it to yourself and your career to know the basics of shooting, at least on a phone, and editing, which of course can be done on iMovie for free.”

Legendary director Steven Soderbergh made headlines at Sundance last month when he told an audience that he intends to only make movies on his iPhone henceforth. Joking or not, the point is a serious one, that filmmaking has totally changed, is open to anyone who wants to participate and take a minimum level of initiative, and join the party of making movies, having a voice, and with a break or two, making lots of money doing what you love.

The $10,000 short filmmaking competition at Film Con Hollywood 2018 is intended to punctuate precisely that point, encouraging everyone and anyone to make a short :30–5:00 film and submit it for competition entry.

“The thing about filmmaking, and the greatest legends of film will be the first to tell you this, is you don’t know what you have until you’ve made it, edited it, and have a final cut. Even then, it’s still your vision, others might love it even if you don’t, or vice versa.” In an era where the media giants who define the direction are Facebook and Google (Youtube), video has again and again proven to be far and away the most effective means of engagement. And in a world of instant communication, political discord, globalization, inequality of all sorts, and astonishing evolution before our eyes, the topics and reasons to be making films is absolutely endless.

“The biggest reason we have this competition is because we want to make sure that message hits home: anyone can make a film and have an impact, and everyone should be making short films and participating. If you decide to come to Film Con and enter the filmmaking competition, maybe the movie won’t be very good, but if you plant that seed of filmmaking, it will be more than worth the effort, I promise you because what will come afterwards is you will continue to make films and get better and better, and soon you will be a master at expressing your voice to a global audience.”

Speaking of global, which everything is in 2018, Mandy Teefey, the architect of one of the most globally acclaimed and observed careers in Hollywood history, Selena Gomez, will also star on the same panel as Mosely, giving advice and speaking from experience how she made the business, creative, and family decisions to go from single mom living paycheck to paycheck, to having her daughter launch into the rarefied stratosphere of one of the most popular and successful Hollywood figures of her generation.

Teefey’s ability to put together the puzzle of moving parts in a warp speed environment of change has opened doors to rarefied opportunities veteran Hollywood executives wait a lifetime to access. Her latest partnership, producing “13 Reasons Why” for Netflix, not surprisingly, again earning her praise and putting her in serious discussion for some of the industry’s most prestigious awards and honors.

With more names being added to the Film Con Hollywood 2018 lineup daily, and ticket sales auguring a sellout of the 1,000 available Los Angeles Convention Center seats, Film Con Hollywood’s social media pages, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the best places to keep pace with the latest breaking news relating to this Hollywood event.

Legends like Bloom, Mosely, and Teefey have fought against the trend for years to help establish an environment where everybody has a chance to have a voice and succeed. That time has arrived, and March 24, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center a new and improved era will set sail.

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