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You love cars. You love technology. You love the planet.

You love driving, the sound of a powerful engine, sleek design elements & comfortable coachwork. You love talking about how fast it can go or how it can handle corners without spilling your latte. They’re awesome.
But you have learned a few things in your time on this planet, and you feel the twinge of guilt when you can’t deny the impact they make on the environment, the cost of fuel as displayed in baby dolphin sacrifices. I know. You dream of a day when you can drive a zero-impact vehicle the way you drive a Porsche 911.You also dream of a day when you can text on your way to work while your AI car negotiates freeway traffic without careening into anyone and also steams you a perfectly hot latte. Keep dreaming for a while. It will happen.
People are working to supply the demand as it becomes increasingly clear that the future is all about cars and technology. After attending both SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and AutomobilityLA this November, I came back with …

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