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Nature is not more beautiful than civilization

Nature is a dangerous place. 

Why do we in civilization insist on asserting that it is instead some beautiful mystic place? It’s the reason we developed civilization. Reread and think about that for just a moment: It is the reason we developed civilization... To protect us from the dangers “out there”.  

Animals and plants are torturing and killing each other all day and night. Plants are just as alive as animals, so why do people pretend a deer or a dog is any more valuable than the life of a blade of grass or a head of lettuce? 

Honestly, You are disassociating. It’s natural to do that. I wouldn’t dream of eating my dog but I don’t mind eating a salad or bacon. It’s survival of the fittest. Our species happens to be at the top. We can do what we want- including destroying the planet in spades. That is nature. Humans are not immune. We just forgot out of pure disassociation. 

There are plants that eat living creatures that crawl onto them, so don’t tell me it’s different. Plants kill ani…

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