Bread and Roses on the 100th Anniversary of Women's Day

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Women's Day, I thought I'd just remind everyone exactly why women are so cool besides the obvious mesmerizing curves of our bodies that have stirred witch hunts, and been the fulcrum for artists, writers and musicians throughout time.

International Women's Day is a celebration of the protests and strikes that are part of a long and rich history of the Women Workers' Movement across the globe. -One that continues still. Take the recent demonstrations in Cairo for example. Women were standing synchronous beside men fighting for liberation and equality together in a manner they wouldn't have dreamed of before- as equals seeking equal treatment.

Women's day is a day to remember that rights are not given but earned, and they can be taken away in whole or in minute increments by ruling parties who wish to fill their own greedy pockets and the complacency of a society or community that will allow it.

In 1908 Women textile workers in New York City organized the revolutionary protest under the banner "Bread and Roses" in response to the arduous and dangerous working conditions inside the garment factories. This sparked a flame that led to more women, particularly the Socialist women's groups demanding political rights, women's suffrage, and economic equality among other grandiose ideas. Women were seeking a better life and the ability to care for their families at the same time.

International Women's Day is not another Valentines Day. It's not a day to romance your girlfriend with kisses, (though that is appreciated on any day.)  It's a day to celebrate the equality of the struggles, the strengths, the spirit and the successes of humanity as a whole for all women, men and children. It's a day to strengthen the resolve we all have together to fight against those who wish to steal our rights by force or subtle manipulation. Above all it's a day to think and be grateful that we are allowed to think for ourselves.


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