First Ever “FAILy Awards” Live On ESPN2 Tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET

SportsNation has announced the official categories and nominees for the first ever “FAILy Awards."

Check out some of the infamous clips that are fighting it out for the honor of being the biggest “FAIL”.

Celebration FAIL
· Nate Robinson jumps on Paul Pierce and falls to the ground
· Rollerblade racer celebrates too early and loses at the finish line
· MMA fighter dives off top of cage and nearly knocks himself out

Teamwork FAIL
· Virginia Cavalier falls off horse
· Phil Jackson awkwardly misses fist-pound with Kobe
· Scott Tolzien gets ignored by Wisconsin teammates

Goalie FAIL
· David James misses bouncing ball, allows goal
· Sander Boschker swings leg and misses, allows goal
· Goalie does cartwheels on free kick, gets scored on anyway, taunted by opponent

· Suns spirit squad guy dunks himself by accident from trampoline
· Streetball dunker gets leg stuck in rim, needs ladder to get down
· Javale McGee takes off from free throw line, comes up short

Footwork FAIL
· British cheese rolling down a hill
· Asian hurdler wipes out, then cheats his way to finish
· Minor league mascot falls off dugout while dancing

Helmet FAIL (Marcellus Wiley presents)· 
· Owen Schmitt bangs helmet on head til he bleeds
· Mike Orakpo crushes helmet off other dude
· Two NFL guys get helmets stuck together

Equipment FAIL
· Boxer’s fall thru ropes of ring
· Ohio State tuba player drills camera
· Chelsea player’s shorts fall off

· Ben Henderson gets kicked in the face by Anthony Pettis off the cage
· Belfort gets kicked in the face by Silva
· Amazing Race contestant gets hit in the face with a watermelon

You can watch the first ever “FAILy Awards” live on ESPN2 Friday, February 25th, at 4 p.m. ET


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